Some Flower Photos and Poems From School Assignments

Okay, so this is a long title. I wanted to share some flower photos, because I LOVE flowers and try to take pictures of as many as I can. I am not a photographer, but like them all the same.

Also, remember some funny assignments I had in a couple of poetry classes and wanted to share those here. I am not necessarily a poet, but have written a few I don’t mind sharing.

Final Poem:

Mother’s Caramel Rolls

Rising, caramel oozes, dough comes to life.

In the cavernous dark of Mom’s oven.

Sweet joy – waiting.

Brown sugar, sticky smells filter from the oven,

out the open window

across the lawn.

Every boy and girl on the block lifts their heads.  Noses twitch.

Scavengers hunting – they seek the source.

Flies buzz overhead back in the kitchen.

Alighting on the stovetop

each small leg feeling.

Caramel fills the crevasses of the dough melting

Over the top and down between each roll.

Swat – Mom squashes a fly on the wall, the stove, the checked green and white tablecloth

Falling upside down, they stir no more.

Kitchen door swings open and Erin

bounces into the radiant light.

Louis follows then Adam and Chris.  Their hands held out.

Erin licks her lips, blond curls spring tighter

Oven heat and bodies raise the temperature.

Mom sighs, “Shut the door”.  She swats a fly.

Ding, the bell rings.

The rolls are done, from the depths they escape

Sitting on the stovetop no chance to cool.

The boys and girls fight to prolong the foodgasmic sensation

devouring, coveting hyenas inhaling

sticky sweet joy.

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