“Agate Bay: 03” – From the Basement – by Alex Wasnick

Digital photography.

Source: “Agate Bay: 03” – From the Basement – by Alex Wasnick


Where to Go?

Okay, the title is a bit misleading. Perhaps it should be named “When to Go?” as it would better reflect my increasingly busy schedule. News, I haven’t been writing my fiction. All I can say to that is, “ugh”. I have found when I am really busy, which is the past few years of my life, my writing feels scattered and incomplete try as I might to make it really good. : ( I fail.

Look at my work, “The Useful Life Clockworks Company”. It’s inconsistently published (my fault) and while I have a lot of good things going in it, it sure needs some work. Yikes! I shall plug on of course, eventually. I think a lot of writers go through this. It even has a name, The Writing Life. Professors teach it. It’s that big of a deal, at least to us writers. See, we’re juggling that drive to write that never shuts up (thank God), family, friends, and careers/jobs the thing that pays the bills plus volunteer hours, socializing, and just like many people the pitfalls and joys of life. Except, we’re compelled to write. It’s not a thing  you really put down. It’s that nagging voice in your head, except it may take on the form of mythical creatures, talking inanimate objects, or exit in a world never before heard of on Earth. There are people, whole people who express themselves with such vivid clarity that doing less than writing them out, their lives, their ends or beginnings or both is like committing some horrible crime against another person.

I know it isn’t really, but it feels like that to a writer. At least it does to me.

Sometimes the madness of story makes it difficult to concentrate in my daily work and life, but then my daily work and life makes it hard to concentrate on writing. It’s that never ending tight-rope walk across that limitless abyss where imagination and reality converge and sometimes, sometimes if I’m lucky enough I will find a gem or two and share it with the world.