Writing while Depressed

Source: Writing while Depressed



Recently, I attended the 2017 MN Writer’s Workshop with a friend. I felt energized in my writing. I pitched my book to an agent,the agent showed interest and asked for three chapters. Just a few days later I was t-boned in a car accident. I felt disoriented for a couple of days. My body hurts. My car is undriveable. It’s two weeks later.

I feel as if I am treading the waters of space and time with no life vest. Dealing with insurance companies, lack of sleep and other stresses has increased the depths I tread.

I try to get out of it.

My boyfriend’s dad suffered a heart attack just a few days after the accident. At first his prognosis looked bleak. They couldn’t fix all three clogged arteries, just two, but just over a week has passed and he is awake, eating, and seems to be on the mend.

When one thing after another hits, I tread and breathe and sink into myself. I talk to my mom, my God, my mind. I write, I play video games. I hide from the world, but soon am drawn to Facebook – the world reflection in murky, muddled webs. It’s not quite reality, but as much as I can stand.

I sent my chapters to a friend for a last look and edit before I send it off. I want it to be the best I can produce for this agent. This is real opportunity people!

I tread, I write, I surf the internet. I have no ride, no drive, but a definite course and direction. There is hope. Drift on. Write.